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In China: an entire bookstore gets censored?

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(Read caption) When it opens in 2015, Shanghai Tower – the latest addition to the Shanghai skyline – will be the tallest building in China.

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Banning books, it seems, is so passé. The latest thing in books-related censorship? Banning media reports of bookstores.

At least, that appears to be the case in China, where the government has forbidden the media from reporting on the forthcoming opening of a bookstore chain in a high-profile Shanghai high-rise.

The Shanghai office of China’s national propaganda department recently issued a notice to the media banning it from publicizing the opening of Taiwan bookstore chain Eslite, which plans to open a 70,000-square-foot bookstore in Shanghai Tower, which will be the tallest building in China once it opens in 2015, according to the South China Morning Post.

“The matter about Taiwan Eslite Bookstore [intending] to open a branch in Shanghai should not be reported any more,” read a terse message sent by SMS by the Shanghai office of the propaganda department to senior editors in charge of the city's major media outlets, according to the South China Morning Post.


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