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Backlash to federal bailout grows among voters

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Not surprisingly, the movement has found a ready audience online.

"A bailout requires responsible Americans to pay for the acts of greedy bankers, mortgage brokers, flippers, and over-extended home-borrowers," intones, backed by a conservative lobbying group run by former House majority leader Dick Armey, claims to have 58,300 signatures for a petition opposing the administration's plan. In less than 24 hours after posting his letter to Secretary Paulson outlining an alternative to the bailout, Sen. Bernard Sanders (I) of Vermont said he gathered more than 8,000 citizen cosigners.

Among the "netroots" – blogs that cater to Democrats – the sentiment is also overwhelmingly against a simple bailout.

"We're opposed to rushing into this too quickly," said Markos Moulitsas, who runs the Daily Kos site. "We haven't gotten a proper explanation of the problem or how $700 billion is supposed to fix it. We're supposed to take it all on faith, and we've been burned way too many times by this administration to take anything they say on faith."

While many who oppose the bailout don't have ready alternatives, some observers do have specific proposals.

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