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Walmart Goodies: retail giant goes gourmet


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The service also doubles as a bit of paid market testing for the retailer: Ravi Raj, vice president of products at Walmart Labs, told CNNMoney that the more popular products have a good chance at eventually being offered in Walmart stores.

Walmart’s main selling point as a shopping destination has long been price, often at the cost of quality and appearances. Goodies is the company’s latest effort to try and change that image and attract a new set of tech savvy, conscientious (and probably younger) customers. The company has been touting efforts to offer more organic, locally grown grocery items for years and has launched a number of efforts to increase its online footprint. Last year’s holiday season brought Shopycat, a social media app that uses Facebook to recommend gifts. This year’s Black Friday ad includes deals on Apple products including the iPad 2 and iPod Touch.

It’s unclear whether or not Walmart can balance attracting those new customers with its prevailing status as the place for the best deals, but as the largest and most profitable retailer in the world (pulling in $447 billion in global revenue last year), it has some room to experiment.  


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