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Could legalizing marijuana solve California's budget woes?

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Julie Jacobson / AP

(Read caption) Demonstrators show their support for the use of medical marijuana, Jan. 12 in Las Vegas. About 25 people protested outside the Federal building in response to recent federal raids on dispensaries, cultivators and referral services in Nevada and Michigan.

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I am back. I'm not thrilled by my Governor's budget choices. Slashing $500 million from the University of California budget is likely to affect my quality of life. I have a budget suggestion for Jerry Brown. Let's legalize pot in California and export it around the world. At $300 an ounce, we would merely need to export 2,083 tons per year to zero out our deficit. There must be sufficient demand for this product around the world?

Switching subjects, I had the opportunity to speak at the World Bank earlier this week and had a great time. I also reunited with an old Scarsdale friend who I hadn't seen in 30 years. It was great to see him. I humbly suggest that you try to reunite with old friends. It is never too late.


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