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Mega Millions mess unfurls as Maryland 'winner' draws suspicion

Mega Millions mess revolves around a Maryland woman who claims she won the lottery.

Mega Millions mess draws suspicion. Before (and unrelated to) the lottery confusion in Maryland, Angie Smith of Greenville purchased a Ohio Lottery Mega Millions ticket from employee Rose Pettis at the Kroger Store.

Mike Ullery/The Piqua Daily Call/AP

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A Maryland McDonald's worker is in the middle of a Mega Millions mess as co-workers wonder whether she ripped them off – or whether she even won at all.

The case of Mirlande Wilson, 37, of Westport, Md., is a curious one, as well as a cautionary one for folks who like to toss a few bucks into the lottery pool at work.

As everyone in the U.S. now knows – because of the non-stop media coverage – three winning tickets split the record $656-million jackpot in Friday's Mega Millions drawing. The three winning tickets were purchased in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

Many Americans pooled their money at work, hoping to win a piece of the jackpot and the glorious opportunity to quit, en masse.

Wilson was the person at her workplace who collected the cash for the lottery pool. And the day after the drawing, a co-worker said, Wilson called work to gloat "I won! I won!"

Co-workers, though, were immediately suspicious. Wilson told the New York Post (which apparently tracked her down to what it described as her "squalid" Maryland home) that she won using a ticket she had bought for herself _ not the tickets she had bought on behalf of her co-workers.


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