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French Fry Burger? See who's selling fries on a burger for a buck. (+video)

French Fry Burger: To expand their $1 offerings, Burger King is unveiling the 'French Fry Burger,' which is a standard burger patty topped with – wait for it – four french fries.

French fries go with everything
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The "French Fry Burger" will start selling for $1 on September 1, as Burger King tries to fend off McDonald's aggressive push for its Dollar Menu.

The Miami-based chain says the burger will be available through the fall, as it looks to drum up sales and customer interest with cheap new concoctions.

The burger, which clocks in at 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, is a relatively novel offering, but doesn't require any extra investment from Burger King; it's basically a standard beef patty topped with four of the chain's french fries.


The offering comes as fast-food chains jump through hoops to get customers through their doors, in large part by heavily promoting their cheapest eats.


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