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Finally, a jobs plan that will work

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Lauren Victoria Burke/AP/File

(Read caption) In this file photo, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. gestures during a news confernece on Capitol Hill in Washington. Schakowsky introduced her jobs plan on Thursday.

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All day long I heard one lousy argument after another about how stimulus doesn’t work, the President’s jobs plan won’t work, no taxes on the table, cut budgets, cut spending, cut corporate taxes.

And then, like a ray of sun through very dark clouds, I learn that Rep Jan Schakowsky (D-Il) introduced her jobs bill. It’s a great plan, built around two simple ideas. First, the most direct forms of job creation are likely to be the most effective. Second, while it is by now well understood that we have deep infrastructure deficiencies across the land, there is also untapped demand for human services, from teachers to child and health care workers.

Rep Schakowsky’s plan is thus heavy on infrastructure and human service and light on tax cuts (i.e., there are none). Here are the components…more details here.

As readers here know, I’m a strong supporter of the President’s jobs plan and view it as smart on both the economics and the politics. And with the pushback it’s getting, it makes a lot of sense for D’s to get behind that plan and fight for it with solidarity (note that school repair, teachers/police/etc., and neighborhood rehab are in both the President’s and Rep S’s plans).

But there will be horse trading, and the more that Rep Schakowsky’s ideas end up in the final product, the more jobs we’re likely to create or save.

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