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When starting a business, delegate, delegate, delegate

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(Read caption) Brigham Young forward Brandon Davies (L) passes the ball as he is pressured by Iona guard Lamont Jones (2) during the second half of their NCAA men's college basketball tournament game in Dayton, Ohio, March 13, 2012. In business as in sports, surrounding yourself with a team you can trust to take on certain tasks is essential, while trying to do it all yourself will lead to failure.

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But delegating often turns out to be easier said than done. There are three common mistakes that entrepreneurs can make when delegating.
The first mistake is being hesitant to delegate.

When first beginning to delegate to employees, some entrepreneurs feel that no one can do what they do as well as they can do it.
Employees don't seem to care quite as much as the entrepreneur does. After all, this is your business, and your reputation is tied to its success. To employees it is simply a job.

To overcome this hesitancy to delegate, entrepreneurs should remind themselves that sometimes "good enough is good enough."
While employees may not carry out the tasks delegated to the level of perfection you would, they can learn to perform these tasks well enough for the business to run smoothly and for customers to stay satisfied.

The second mistake is rushed delegation.

Rather than being hesitant to delegate, entrepreneurs who make this mistake seem as if they can't wait to get tasks off their plates. We see this quite often with serial entrepreneurs who are so eager to get to their next new business idea that they don't take the time to get their current one running properly before moving on.
These entrepreneurs delegate without providing proper training and without giving clear expectations for performance.

In the rush to delegate, tasks and responsibilities can also end up being assigned to the wrong person or even to multiple people simultaneously. This can lead to chaos and frustration.


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