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Lightsaber lawsuit: What lightsaber would George Lucas pick?

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(Read caption) A lightsaber lawsuit won't stop President Barack Obama from dueling with his toy plastic lightsaber! Obama used the plastic sword to show his fencing stance during an Olympic Games event on the South Lawn of the White House on Sept. 16, 2009.

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Listen up, all you Luke Skywalker wanna-bes. The empire has decided not to strike back.

Lucasfilms Ltd. has decided not to sue Wicked Lasers, a Hong Kong-based laser company, for designing the latest laser in its Pro Arctic Laser series to resemble a lightsaber.

The "Star Wars" creators sent the laser company a cease-and-desist letter last month, after reviews of its new portable laser on tech websites compared the product to a lightsaber. (The Pro Arctic Laser shoots a high-powered bright blue laser beam from a handle.)

After Wicked Laser made public statements asserting that the product was not endorsed by or affiliated with Lusasfilms, the company relented.

So now that we know that the Wicked Laser – “the most dangerous laser ever created,” according to the website – is not George Lucas's weapon of choice, what would the Star Wars director pick instead?

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But wouldn't Lucas want a real laser?

Well, there's the S3 Arctic Spyder III, which “possesses the most burning capabilities of any portable laser in existence” and will cause immediate and irreversible retinal and skin damage, according to the company’s website. Cost: $335.

Oh wait, that's the Wicked Laser that just escaped a Lucasfilm lawsuit. Maybe he'll have to wait until someone develops a better, safer – and licensed – version.

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