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Supporting truth in the election

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

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A frequent casualty in political campaigns is the truth. In the current presidential campaign, at least one online organization has been sending out – several times daily – corrections of false statements made by the candidates, their campaign staffs, and others (see, for example,

Elections at all levels are deeply important, and they need to be based on honest representations of the candidates' views and qualifications. Misrepresentations and lies are intended to wrongly influence elections by obscuring the facts, and this happens all too often. But beyond even the helpfulness of fact-checking organizations, there is a more potent antidote to the influence of falsehood, an antidote that goes to the very root of what truth is.

Actual truth is never in competition with falsehood. It can't be pushed aside by dishonest words or actions because it is spiritual and expresses God, who is divine Truth itself. The book of Deuteronomy in the Bible says of God, "He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he" (32:4). Divine Truth is the underlying fabric of all real being. It inspires human integrity, honesty, and uprightness, and is the source of their power – their ability to prevail over falsehood and accomplish what needs to be done.

Truth is a divine imperative. All that is genuinely true is created by God and expresses God. Forever supported by His power, it can't be overthrown. Christ Jesus was able to prove this. He could set aside what was false and bring to light the ever-present spiritual reality. Where the physical senses showed a sick or incapacitated mortal, he could reverse what the senses were depicting and cure the individual, revealing his or her true, God-given perfection. When his enemies made deceitful attacks against him, Jesus was able to parry those attacks and deflate their attempts to derail his mission.


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