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'Home is a power'

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

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After the clerk had made sure everyone had left the store, she confided in the one remaining customer that she just received news that her house had burned down. "Thirty-five years completely gone." She'd waited until the building was empty because she didn't want everyone to know – "Too hard to handle all that emotion." So he reached across the counter, took both her hands, and looked her in the eye. He told her that somehow everything would be OK. He tried to be as calm and comforting as he could. Both she and her husband were alive and safe; and so was their dog. Her eyes started to tear even as she struggled to control her emotion.

No way did he want to minimize the calamity of what had just happened, but he could not stay silent, nor could he just hop in his car and go home. While looking at her distressed face and sad eyes, he thought of something Mary Baker Eddy said in regard to home. Pausing for a moment, he said to her, "Home is not a place but a power."

Her face brightened. Her eyes got big. She looked him straight in the face and smiled with a look of surprise and relief. She said, "That is absolutely wonderful. That is so helpful. Wow. 'Home is not a place; but a power.' " Then he mentioned that this was a statement by the woman who had founded his church.

She kept looking him right in the eye. The idea that home is a power was so encouraging and strengthening to her. She was obviously energized and inspired. Even though it hadn't seemed appropriate to quote the entire few sentences, just that first one was enough to lighten her load, to brighten her face with a ray of hope.

The entire quotation comes from a comment Mrs. Eddy, the founder of this newspaper, made in the late 1800s. She said, "Home is not a place but a power. We find home when we arrive at the full understanding of God. Home! Think of it! Where sense has no claims and Soul [God] satisfies" ("Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy," Irving Tomlinson, 1996, p. 211).


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