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The Berlin Wall, 20 years later

A Christian Science perspective.

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The wall was a structure of concrete and barbed wire, with watchtowers and minefields that would divide two parts of Germany. In 1945 that was how Winston Churchill described to President Truman what, in years to come, would be a symbol of the Iron Curtain, of the division of Europe and the development of the cold war, which brought humanity close to a third world war.

More than the material used to build the Berlin Wall, it was the motive underlying it that described its intent: to deny people freedom and basic human rights.

Many people around the world prayed humbly and persistently that this unnatural condition come to an end. And it did. On Nov. 9, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, people are celebrating.

I still remember what people said 20 years ago: This is a miracle. The unimaginable – the end of the oppressive regime – is now a reality. For me, one sentence from the first page of the preface to "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy was a beacon: "The time for thinkers has come." To me that meant that the time had come to expect what we didn't think was possible.

Progress is the visible result of God's law of good, which Christian Science explains can be relied on to govern every human situation. This law is caring and thoughtful. It covers every detail with wisdom and love. It heals. Science and Health also states, "Progress takes off human shackles" (p. 256).


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