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You have a prayer!

A Christian Science perspective on daily life.

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In times of trouble, it's common to use the expression "I haven't got a prayer!" However bad things get, though, one thing we each always do have is a prayer. What's more, that prayer can actually bring about change, even in times of great need.

That's what the Scriptures frequently declare. For example, there's the account of how Jesus stilled a threatening storm at sea. "Peace, be still" (Mark 4:39) was his simple, spoken prayer, and the storm instantly calmed. One minute his fellow travelers were fearing for their lives. The next moment they were awestruck at how their teacher's prayer kept everyone safe.

Facing financial storms in this time of recession – as individuals, as a nation, or as a global family – we always do have a prayer, even if we're down to our last cent, or way beyond that. We can mentally address the fears washing into our thoughts by praying, "Peace, be still!" with the expectancy that our fears and doubts will be calmed by God's response to our need and that His inspired ideas of how to go forward in practical ways will emerge in thought.

Not that the words have power in and of themselves. Prayer is not a mantra. Jesus couldn't have stilled the storm just by mouthing the right words. His words were the visible – or audible – tip of a profound conviction of God's goodness, founded on a conscious ability to commune with the divine Spirit and based on the countless times healing had resulted from that communing.

With this evidence of prayer's power, Jesus could speak with the authority of the Christ, the awareness of an underlying spiritual dimension in which peace is not only natural, but inevitable, because it is divinely formed and maintained. In communion with God, it's possible to perceive a calm, harmonious creation right where a stormy world appears to be, and to know that the former trumps the latter, irrespective of evidence to the contrary. This perception brings even the evidence of the material senses in line with the vision of spiritual reality perceived.


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