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A Christian Science perspective.

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Chance and change are sometimes paralleled as negatives. Chance is an unpredictable happening we can do without, but change is essential to progress, and when rightly conceived it is welcome.

There's a line in a hymn with the words "No change my heart shall fear" (Anna L. Waring, "Christian Science Hymnal," No. 148). When I first read it, I mistakenly thought it meant that I didn't have to be afraid because there would be no change in my human circumstances. But at that time in my life so many things needed to be different that I couldn't bear to think that there would be no change.

As I pondered the hymn more thoroughly, I realized it said something quite different:

This is a reminder of the absolute nature of God, where all is unchanging good. The more any of us learns of this divine nature and spiritual living, the more improvement there is in our lives. And this kind of improvement naturally involves change.

It would be good if we could say that all new and progressive moves were eagerly sought and welcomed for the right ideas they represent. But this isn't always true. What is it that sometimes leads someone to reject a new and bright idea? It's often a latent, and possibly deeply hidden, fear of change.

The Bible's book of the prophet Malachi records God's word in this way: "For I am the Lord, I change not" (3:6). It might be said that a growing understanding of the changeless nature of God has been a bulwark that has allowed civilization to progress. Knowing this Creator and Ruler of all things spiritual is the basis from which people find all that is changeless, as well as the way to correct what needs correcting.


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