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Should the US attack Iran? Monitor Facebook fans speak out.


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A day later we posted this:

Opinion: Five reasons US must avoid war with Iran. Any that you would remove/add to the list?

Sam Kennedy 

“Iran is the only country with/without nukes that has openly and repeatedly hinted and threatened that they want to erase the Jews from the map. And people think it’s a good idea for them to have nukes? Then why did the UN put sanctions on them? Gee, a clerical regime of an Islamic republic...engaged in multiple terrorist acts, knowingly supplying, arming, training, funding, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Madi army in Iraq...and now supporting the Assad regime [in Syria]? Maybe that’s the big difference between Iran and other countries with nukes? Oh, and what other muslim countries were [reportedly] directly affiliated with Hitler and the Nazis in WWII? Hmm. Ya you’re right, we should just let them have nukes and mind our own business. Ya.”

Romeo Vanegas 

“The US will be poorer since it costs money to...wage wars with other nations and will cause more civil unrest due to the current economic standing in the US.”

Kevin J. O’Conner

“Because it’s a huge waste of human life, money, and a number of other resources. 

I would also add that:

Whether the US government likes it or not, Iran is a sovereign nation, and should be able to determine its own policies and courses of action.

The US stance that it can have nuclear weapons but other nations cannot is hypocritical.

The former Soviet block must have hundreds, if not thousands of nuclear weapons; China probably does, too. Not to mention however many Pakistan has. And North Korea. Where is the rush to act militarily against any of these countries? I’m guessing it’s primarily hiding behind the realization that Russia and China probably have enough nukes to take out the US and/or Europe.

Iran with *a* nuclear weapon is a threat to the US? IRAN? Does the US government really think that the Iranian government is *that* competent?”

Add to the dialogue back on our Facebook page.


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