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Iyad Allawi: If Maliki tries to form a government in Iraq, chaos will ensue

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi discusses prospects for resolving the political impasse in Iraq and the threat of a new sectarian conflict.

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In an interview this week with Ned Parker of the Los Angeles Times, former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, whose Iraqiya alliance edged out Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s party in national elections last month, warned of potential chaos if he is denied the right to form the country’s next government.

Below are highlights from the interview, made available to the Global Viewpoint Newtork, in which Mr. Allawi shared his views on Baghdad’s recent spate of attacks; the competition among parties to form the next government; and also his chief competitor, Mr. Maliki.

Q: With two days of major bombings in Baghdad last week and the shooting of 25 Iraqis in a village last weekend, is security deteriorating in Iraq?

Allawi: The security has been deteriorating for almost eight to ten months… I think it is the failure of reconciliation and the sectarianism that still prevails. I also believe the readiness of security and military services have not been adequate. I think both the Army and police were built on and around sectarianism rather than professionalism.

I believe also the forces who took part in confronting extremism and Al Qaeda have been suddenly declared antigovernment and have been pursued and detained. I’m referring to the sawa [Sunni paramilitary Awakening movement of former insurgents].


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