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Arab League chief: Goal in Libya is to protect civilians, not regime change

Amr Moussa – departing secretary general of the Arab League and Egyptian presidential candidate – discusses the no-fly zone intervention in Libya and Qaddafi's exit. He also touches on Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria and the future of Egypt's relationship with Israel and the Palestinians.

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Amr Moussa is the departing secretary general of the Arab League and has declared his candidacy for the presidency of Egypt. He sat down on March 21 with Raghida Dergham in Cairo for the Global Viewpoint Network.

Raghida Dergham: Is this an open-ended military operation in Libya, whatever it takes?

Amr Moussa: Of course not, of course not. There is a resolution, 1973, of the Security Council that determines the mission and the goal. The goal is to protect the civilian lives, and once the goal is achieved, especially through a cease-fire and observers to the cease-fire are put in place, the mission will come to an end. The mission has the task of protecting the civilian population in Libya and against attack threats and against use of weapons, very severe weapons.

UN resolution on Libya: Does it let allies target Qaddafi?

Dergham: When you criticized the application of the no-fly zone, some people wondered if you really meant it. Others went as far as using the word “hypocrisy.” What was the point of your statement?


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