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Arab League chief: Goal in Libya is to protect civilians, not regime change

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Moussa: This is not dealt with by the Security Council. As I told you, we don’t go beyond the Security Council and what the Arab League decided. The goal is a no-fly zone. We are not talking about anything else.

Dergham: Tell me about the extent of the Arab participation in enforcing the no-fly zone. Is it financial only? The word “assets” is being used. What does that mean?

Moussa: No, it is not financial. It means participation by certain Arab countries, but this is a sovereign decision by them. It is not a mandated by the Arab League. And the participation will be in kind sometime, such as the planes being sent by Qatar, or by other means as announced by the rest.

Concerns about Yemen

Dergham: Should the coalition intervention in Libya be applied to other places, where there is similar bloodshed, such as in Yemen?

Moussa: We requested the Security Council to impose a safe area and no-fly zone in Libya, and this is what happened. You cannot extend a resolution in Libya to Yemen. The situation in Yemen is different.

Dergham: So there will be no such request for a no-fly zone in Yemen?

Moussa: I don’t think they need that.

Dergham: How afraid are you of the disintegration of Yemen given that there is a history of north-south conflict, of the Houthi and Al Qaeda? It’s a gateway to countries like Saudi Arabia. Are you afraid that if there is a void, there now will be disintegration of the country and things will be worse?

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