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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Bush's diplomacy, Benazir Bhutto's will, racial bias in soccer, and the overload of information in schools.

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Bush's diplomacy before the Iraq war was sufficient

Regarding the Feb. 6 article "Under Bush's budget, number of diplomats gets a boost": The article starts with the barb "George W. Bush may be tagged the 'undiplomatic' president in some circles," which reinforces a false perception that the president did not sufficiently use diplomacy before taking down the evil regime of Saddam Hussein.

It is worth recalling that at the time when the United States was debating war, President Bush and his administration made strenuous diplomatic efforts to get Hussein to comply with UN resolutions. Likewise, the Bush administration tried mightily to gain the support and cooperation of our major European allies. However, as is well known, several of those allies had improper financial deals with the dictator. Naturally, those allies were unsympathetic to Bush's diplomatic efforts.

Despite seven years of the mainstream press's grind against Bush, the approval rating of the Democratic-controlled Congress is lower than that of the president. It is reassuring that the American public can still think for itself.

Bhutto's will dissapoints democratic hopes

The Feb. 6 article, "Bhutto's party releases her will to bolster PPP support" brings into sharp focus Benazir Bhutto's legacy as an icon of democracy.


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