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Letters to the Editor

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China's repressive actions in Tibet illustrate that Beijing cares only for its power and image. Their leaders readily resort to force to quell any opposition to their iron will. Beijing also lacks respect for fundamental human rights, especially the right of self-determination and freedom of expression. This point is further illustrated in their belligerent treatment of Taiwan.

China currently has 1,300 missiles targeting Taiwan in an attempt to bully the people of Taiwan into submission. China even passed an antisecession law to give it legal grounds to use force should Taiwan dare to choose her own path rather than agree with Beijing's mandates.

Unlike China, Taiwan will hold its free and democratic presidential elections on March 22, showing that it is the Taiwanese people, not Beijing, who have the final say. Much like the courageous Tibetans, the people of Taiwan will continue to struggle against the authoritarian dictates of Beijing for the right to have their voices heard on the world stage.



Regarding your recent editorial, "Tibet's nonviolent path," which paints the picture of an oppressive and aggressive Chinese government cracking down on the peaceful Tibetans: You mentioned "police violence." What "police violence?" The police shamelessly deserted the streets, failing the people that they are supposed to protect. Because police presence was almost nonexistent, the Tibetan mobs, joined by some dubious "monks," violently attacked Han and Hui Chinese citizens, smashed stores, and set cars on fire. It was a riot. Any violent riot happening anywhere needs to be cracked down upon hard.

Regarding the statement, "Without a return to nonviolent means, Tibet could someday go the way of Kosovo, with violence leading to some sort of Western intervention": China is no Serbia, definitely not as weak as Serbia. We will never allow you Westerners to come and tear us apart the way you tore Serbia apart.

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