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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about student online gambling, planned communities, trucker diesel discounts, and a plethora of choices.

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Teach college students about the detriments of gambling

After reading the April 1 article, "Colleges wiser to gambling issues," I became aware of the pressing problem of gambling among college students and the imperative need for a solution. I was pleased to hear that schools are making an effort to decrease these high numbers of student gamblers. It is difficult, though, to convince students of the detrimental results of gambling when it is so popular with their peers and generally accepted by adults as a harmless amusement. However, there are many adults who have faced the devastating consequences of losing their money, family, and self-respect. Perhaps by hearing these powerful personal testimonies, students would reconsider their own practices and the injurious consequences that follow. Whether the solution to this problem of gambling is found in school-supported activities, or in adults voicing their personal regrets about gambling, I believe a solution must be found soon.

The world's need for planned cities

In response to the April 1 article, "Chávez seeks Shangri-La with 'socialist cities'": I applaud Venezuela's proposed socialist planned cities. They are one of a number of solutions to urban poverty and haphazard civil planning of Venezuela's pre-Chávez era. Having worked and traveled in Venezuela for the previous two summers, I had witnessed the many new public works projects and education, health, and job training programs that have benefited the poor and working classes, all funded by Venezuela's oil sales profits.

The cooperative and planned community approach to city planning is very familiar to me, as I am living in Greenbelt, Md., the first planned cooperative community built in the United States.


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