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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about policing illegal immigrants and getting boys to read.

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Should local police enforce federal immigration policy?

Regarding Nik Steinberg's April 24 Opinion piece, "Don't make police squeal on illegal immigrants": Here is another writer confusing illegal and legal immigrants. Citizens do not object to legal foreign workers or those trying to immigrate legally. American companies solicit and employ illegal immigrants to get cheap labor.

It is the job of the police to enforce all laws. Local police stop mail theft even though it is a federal crime. They should also enforce other federal laws.

For illegal workers, there are several crimes being committed. A few are: using a fake Social Security card, using someone else's card and other identification, driving without a license or insurance, and more. These are crimes a citizen would be prosecuted for.

The answer is a workable visa system so employers could hire foreign workers legally.

Regarding Nik Steinberg's recent Opinion piece on enforcing illegal immigration: Mr. Steinberg should get out where cops such as myself are. Our resources are not stretched and we are happy to be empowered to help enforce the laws.

In response to Nik Steinberg's recent Opinion piece on illegal immigration: It is not only the duty of police officers to uphold the law (as it is yours and mine), it is their job.

Immigration law can be changed. If you feel it should be, then you can contact your local congressman. Until the law is changed, it must be obeyed.

Regarding Nik Steinberg's recent Opinion piece on local police and federal immigration law: The choice between enforcing the law and making cops squeal on undocumented workers is a false one. The key is to focus law enforcement not on immigration law, but on labor law.


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