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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about funding roadworks, mortgage bailouts, guns in national parks, and cricket.

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Invest in public resources with public funds

Regarding Kathleen Sebelius and Andy Stern's May 7 Opinion piece, "Main Street, not Wall Street, should fix crumbling infrastructure": Yes indeed, why not tap our pension funds to rebuild our bridges, roads, schools, hospitals, protect our national parks, resources, and so forth? What a boost the pension funds would be to our national economy and American companies.

In response to Kathleen Sebelius and Andy Stern's recent Opinion piece on the US infrastructure: It's not whether, but when we repair our infrastructure, comprehensively and at a reasonable investment cost. Ms. Sebelius and Mr. Stern's proposal to fund this with public pension funds deserves actionable consideration. Now. Or we may await the tsunami of social pressure from increased fatalities on interstates.

Don't bail out failing mortgages

Regarding the May 8 article, "US on hook for subprime crisis?": So taxpayers such as myself will be saving the mortgage industry and private homeowners from foreclosure? The corrupt banks that lent money to people incapable of paying them back should go bankrupt. People who borrowed more than they could afford should lose their house. The housing market's correction is a good thing.

Gun licensees are responsible citizens

In response to your May 6 editorial, "Armed to kill in national parks?": Continuing a ban on carrying concealed weapons in national parks just because they are currently banned is a weak argument. Change is part of human nature. We change our minds all the time.

Continuing such a ban because there is little risk of injury by grizzly bears or a serious criminal assault in national parks is also a weak argument. If confronted by either, having a concealed weapon is an option that you might like to have.


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