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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the Democratic nomination race, elections in Zimbabwe, and where tax revenues come from.

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The case for Hillary Clinton to stay in the race

In response to Jerry Lanson's May 9 Opinion piece, "Hillary: It's time for a gracious exit": The total number of delegates required to nominate a Democratic candidate is 2,025. To date, neither candidate has reached this number. If the number is not reached by the date of the final primary, then the contest must continue to the Democratic convention. During the convention, delegates can vote on as many ballots as necessary to determine the winner. The controversy concerning the popular votes and delegates from Michigan and Florida must also be resolved prior to the convention.

In the presidential election of 2000, George Bush could not become president until he received the 270 electoral votes. No Democrat considered him the presumptive victor. To ask either Democratic candidate to withdraw before the other reaches the required tally does a disservice to the entire process. Both candidates and their supporters have waged a good campaign but if neither one can "close the deal" before the convention, it is up to the delegates and superdelegates to decide.


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