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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Israel-Palestinian relations 60 years after Israeli independence.

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Responses to retrospectives on Israel's 60th anniversary

Regarding the recent article on the 1948 Palestinian war: Thank you for telling both sides of the story in the formation of Israel – the destruction of Palestine.

For its own sake and that of world peace, Israel must find a way to declare victory and withdraw from the West Bank and make peace with Gaza.

Regarding the May 9 article, "A veteran of 1948 recalls Palestinian 'catastrophe' ": My understanding was that the surrounding Arab states told the Arab residents of the newly created Israel to leave and that they would drive the Zionists into the sea and then the Palestinians could return home. After Israel repelled the attacks, they kept the territory they had driven their attackers from. There is a penalty for countries that try to conquer another country and fail!

Regarding the recent article on the 1948 Israeli-Arab war: The article states that "Israel agreed to the partition plan," which is untrue. If Israelis had agreed to the plan, why did they work against it? This may have been a major factor in the decision by neighboring Arab states to attack in an effort to save what was left of Palestine.

In response to the recent article on the Arab-Israeli war: I can sympathize with the Arabs interviewed for the article describing the fight against the Zionists. However, the article does not describe the previous 70 years of attacks on Jewish settlements by Arab irregulars.

Regarding the recent article on the 1948 Palestinian war: The Palestinian being interviewed contradicts himself. First he says that the Arabs rejected the partition vote because the Jews got too much of the area, and a bit later he questions why the Arabs lost the 1948 war: "Israel was so tiny then and we were big." Can't have it both ways.


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