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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the Golan Heights and immigration issues in America.

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Is Israel's possession of the Golan Heights defensible?

Regarding Louis René Beres and Zalman Shoval's May 21 Opinion piece, "Don't give up the Golan Heights": With today's technology, arguing that Israel must physically possess the Golan is like justifying China's occupation of Tibet for strategic positioning of defensive units.

The issue is simple: The right wing in Israel and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have only one view of "peace": Never give an inch, never actually negotiate, and never apologize when you can maintain "victim" status.

In response to the recent Opinion piece on the Golan Heights: This piece reflects the view of Zionist extremists; it is morally bankrupt. It is written and designed in such a way as to coerce the United States into digging itself into a still-deeper hole within Middle East politics than the one it already occupies.

Regarding the recent Opinion piece on the Golan Heights: Having visited Israel in 1999, we had the opportunity to go up on the Golan and see into Syria. There were a number of burned-out military vehicles still scattered in the Syrian landscape. It was very apparent just how strategically significant this elevated piece of land is to the protection of Israel's northern border.

Control of fresh water and the protection of part of the nation's farming makes the Golan a nonnegotiable item.

America needs an immigration solution


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