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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about traditional saris, US gun violence, National Parks preservation, and the Obama family's choice of dog.

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Globalization dilutes India's rich garment tradition

Regarding the July 30 article, "Indian weavers bow to market forces": My family has encouraged and supported traditional weavers in the eastern state of Orissa, which produces the most astonishing Ikat in the world. As in Varanasi, weavers are in an appalling state, opting for menial jobs and abandoning their traditional vocation. Much of this has to do with colonial cringing – an artifact of globalization, owing to which young women want to look Western, so they will wear cheap polyester and dreadfully made Western clothes instead of a sari. India has to recover its self-esteem and not lose its traditional arts and crafts – a colleague of mine said they should be declared a national resource!

End mental acceptance of gun violence

Regarding the July 30 article, "Scapegoating at heart of shootings": How many shootings must we endure before we are brave enough to consider our own mentality and ask, "Why do we tolerate, even accept, so much gun violence?"

Here in Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech and the April 2007 shooting there, we say, "It could happen anywhere." This tragedy in Tennessee may be about mental health, hatred, poverty, politics, or religion. For sure it is about guns.


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