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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Washington's role in regulating the financial sector, why cadets enlist in the military, anticipatory self-defense, and sexual harassment.

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Congress must fulfill its regulatory responsibilities

In response to the Sept. 17 article, "Wall Street's turmoil tests McCain": Senator McCain seems to have missed something in his proposal to set up a commission to look into the failures of the financial systems in this nation.

Does he not recognize that we already have an organization whose responsibility it is to do so? It is the 100-member commission elected by the American people called the United States Senate, and the 435-member subcommission called the United States House of Representatives.

If congressional representatives cannot do what they were sent to Washington to do, then they should return their paychecks, return to their homes, and let someone who can, do it.

Gordy Hagen
Clearbrook, Minn.

Enlistment becoming a family matter

Regarding the Sept. 19 article, "Will Ivy League embrace R.O.T.C. again?": I taught JROTC for seven years after retirement. I think Frank Shaeffer has an interesting perspective, but I believe he is dead wrong regarding those who would sign up with a "popular" president.

My feeling is that Americans are a society of instant gratification. We had a surge in enlistments after 9/11 and now people have largely forgotten.

I have found that many of those taking ROTC come from military families. We are becoming a separate society. I just went to West Point to watch one of my sons graduate in May. The number of cadets coming from military families has markedly increased since I was there. This is not a good phenomenon.


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