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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about student testing, cooking on campus, loans that contributed to the financial crisis, and how a recession could help.

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Replace the SAT with a group of short exams

Regarding the Sept. 30 editorial, "Shelve the S.A.T.?": On the one hand, it claims that "students spend too much time and money on the SAT and the ACT." On the other, that "the tests protect against grade inflation – which has become a serious problem."

Won't substituting more sophisticated tests, like the AP exams, as this editorial seems to suggest, only increase the amount of time and money students spend preparing?

The goal is objectivity. To achieve it these days, we need not long exams, either highly standardized or specialized, but a group of short exams, varied in design, that are taken in toto, rather like an academic portfolio.

Banking on a single standardized test format is like investing in only a single stock.

Cooking is good for students

In response to the Oct. 1 article, "College cooking beyond ramen": I read your article and completely agree. My two young adults both went to MIT and had wonderful experiences. They are both very particular about what they eat and most of the time they cooked their own meals in the dorm kitchen. I believe that cooking is a good way to take time off from studies and do something creative and healthy.

At our cooking institute, my partners and I have started teaching vegetarian cooking to all ages and that is one of the goals – to teach them to survive on their own.

I am hoping to make a difference in the lives of young adults by showing them that it is not difficult to cook. You just have to learn time-management skills and have a determination to eat healthily!




Don't let lenders price their assets

Regarding the Sept. 30 editorial, "Rescue 'America Street": I am a commercial/residential mortgage broker and have been for 40 years.

Permitting lenders to determine the price of their assets is no better then letting prospective homeowners get a loan using "stated incomes." This type of loan is one of those that got us into the current crisis.


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