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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about politicians inspiring voters beyond the ballot box, and what else the nuclear deal may bring to India.

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A candidate's idealism can evoke feelings beyond results

In response to the Oct. 3 Opinion piece, "Dare I believe Obama can win?": I so rarely am moved by columns these days. So many people have an opinion on just about everything that even the Internet seems overcrowded with comments on minutia that hardly affect anyone.

That's why I'm so impressed with Courtney Martin's commentary. What struck me was how dead-on she nailed the feeling that one often has when trying to vote.

Often, voting is an exercise in faith, which is why so many people feel disenchanted. So much seems to ride on elections that when your side doesn't win, it can be crushing.

She really found a way to inspire someone. One's position on voting doesn't have to revolve around the outcome. And that's the best possible message we can send to the next generation of voters.

I was a late supporter of Barack Obama. It was his policies and action plans that won me over. Now my hopes and heart are roused by his vision.

I saw Senator Obama at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo. I knew I would probably vote for him before I went to the rally. However, it was Obama's supporters who won me over completely.

I saw among them the seasoned and the idealistic, the very young and the elderly, the vigorous and the disabled. Naturally, I also saw great ethnic and racial diversity. I wanted to stand in solidarity with them.

Superficially, I have more in common with Sarah Palin – being her age, her race, and an outdoorswoman. It's the hope for progress, greater liberty, and pride that pulls me toward Obama, though.

Hope is powerful and positive. Let's make our hopes and vision thrive no matter what happens on Nov. 4.

I don't want some politician to "invoke my higher self." I just want legal, constitutional government. Is that too much to ask?


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