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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about curbing greenhouse-gas emissions through the use of nuclear energy, and how you can help homeless pets.

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Nuclear power is theway to curb carbon emissions

Regarding the Oct. 2 editorial, "States lead on scrubbing carbon": Your enthusiasm for state carbon emission controls and the actions of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was disappointing.

These local efforts to control global warming miserably fail any serious cost-benefit analysis.

The calculated carbon reductions obtained by taxing and trading carbon dioxide releases are minimal. They will produce zero benefit in offsetting the global increases, and greatly increase the cost to local energy users.

Why must we start taxing carbon when there is a viable alternative?

"Nuclear" is the one word everyone seems to avoid. Only nuclear power can supply the benefit of carbon-free energy, and at no additional local cost.

Unfortunately, nuclear power has been demonized and frozen out for a half century by overblown fears of radiation and nuclear holocaust. That must be corrected.

Global warming will not be solved by costly carbon taxes and regulations that make consumers feel good but accomplish nothing.

Spaying and neutering pets will decrease the number of homeless

Regarding the July 31 article, "A sanctuary that's 600 cats' meows": Thank you for Doug Fox's wonderful article on Lynea Lattanzio and her sanctuary, The Cat House on the Kings.


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