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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about conflicts in the Congo, the stock market, and a potential Democratic majority.

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World must act in defense of Congo's citizens

Regarding the Oct. 29 article, "Congo rebels push toward key city": UN peacekeepers need to be far more active militarily in defending Congolese populations. Local outrage at the UN Mission in Congo (MONUC) for doing nothing to protect the people continues to be intense for good reason. The UN mandate needs to be expanded, and quickly.

The current military action around Goma is a war of attrition on the part of Rwanda. And in the far northeastern Orientale Province, another war of attrition is being conducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), Ugandan rebel forces. They have attacked 16 villages, leading to the displacement of thousands of people. The world needs to act, with relief aid and strong military intervention, to stabilize these areas.

What the stock market needs

In regard to the Oct. 28 Opinion piece, "How to make the stock market less of a casino": A couple of years ago, I made a significant investment in the stock market. I have learned that the motives that drive the market are out of sync with my own. The least little CNN tidbit or earnings hiccup, whether true or false, sends the speculators and profit seekers into crazed buying or selling sprees.


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