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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the lessons that can be learned from Kosovo, the systemic debt problem in US higher education, and another way President Obama may unite rivals.

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Lessons of Kosovo should be taught the world over

Regarding the Jan. 21 Opinion piece, "Kosovo's quiet victory over violent ethnic nationalism": What a wonderful piece. This article reminds us of a courageous and determined people who have been able to wage peace in a part of the world marked by years of fighting and dissension.

Author Elizabeth Pond bemoans the fact that this success story is not more widely known. She needs to find a movie production company that can make a documentary worthy of the original story to spread the word that peace is possible even in the most bellicose parts of the world.

After all, Al Gore was able to change prevailing opinion about climate change with his popular movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." And "The Singing Revolution," a film that tells the story of the successful, peaceful independence movement in Estonia, is being widely shown in America now.

Ms. Pond is right; the story of peace in Kosovo needs to be spread throughout the world. Who knows what effect it may have among warring people in the Middle East, in various countries of Africa and Asia, and even here in America, when we consider the consequences our foreign policies may have?


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