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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about a cap-and-dividend approach to carbon regulation, how fathers can offer newlyweds helpful advice on marriage, and how simple things can help keep spouses close.

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Cap-and-dividend is the way to handle carbon regulation

Regarding the Feb. 13 Opinion piece, "To slow climate change, tax carbon": One problem with a carbon tax is that it doesn't guarantee any reduction in carbon emissions (which is the main goal of a carbon reduction scheme).

Another problem is that a carbon tax could be regressive. That is, it could disproportionately hurt poor people if the large carbon emitters (such as coal power plants) pass the cost of the tax onto the consumer. Of course, a cap-and-trade scheme could be equally regressive if the cost of emissions permits were passed on.

Some people have therefore suggested using a cap-and-dividend scheme. Under a cap-and-dividend plan, all revenues collected would be divided equally and returned to citizens on a per capita basis. It seems a per capita dividend would be a more direct way to protect poor people than would the general "revenue neutral" requirement recommended by author Nick Schulz. None of the climate change bills introduced in Congress so far contains a cap-and-dividend scheme; they all contain either a cap-and-trade scheme or a carbon tax.

Fathers can help guide newlyweds

Regarding the Feb. 12 article, "The best marriage advice I ever received": This essay was outstanding. If more fathers would help their daughters by giving this kind of advice, fewer fathers-in-law would see their sons fail in their marriages. Talk about an economic stimulus for the country!

I'd like to add two more tips that have help me achieve nearly 20 years of wonderful marriage:

1. Never discuss sensitive subjects when you and/or your spouse are hungry or tired; and

2. What you don't say can often be as important, or even more important, than what you do say.


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