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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about why the Iowa court made the right call on gay marriage.

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The Iowa court ruled correctly on gay marriage

In regard to the April 10 Opinion piece, "The injustice of Iowa's ruling on gay marriage": Author Matthew J. Franck uses the word "moral" 21 times in this commentary – as in moral health, moral obligation, moral reasoning, and foundational morality – but he seems to be defining morality to suit a narrow view.

He implies that marriage equality in Iowa is somehow improper because it violates his exclusionary sense of morality. However, the families with gay children or gay parents all around us fit into most definitions of moral behavior, starting with mutual support and respect.

In this commentary, Matthew J. Franck writes, "Marriage and family are a moral institution," and insinuates that same-sex marriage is not moral. He also seems to suggest that the love that same-sex couples have for each other is not moral, a judgment undoubtedly focused on bias instead of a healthy and objective observation of the facts. Gay people in loving, committed relationships are no less moral than heterosexuals, and the stability and morality of their relationships deserve the same legal protections under the laws of our land as those afforded heterosexual couples. 

In seeking to consummate their relationships through marriage, gay people are simply seeking the same rights that heterosexuals have enjoyed for centuries. Without marriage, they're prevented from accessing well over a thousand basic rights that heterosexual couples rightly take for granted. Those rights are so embedded in marriage that it is impossible to separate them from the institution.


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