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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the need for manufacturing jobs in the US, why cap and trade policies won't help reduce harmful emissions, Somali piracy, and the benefits of driving a motorcycle instead of a car.

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The US economy needs manufacturing – not government – jobs

Regarding the April 10 article, "10 ways the new economy will look different": It is really unfortunate that in comparing the present situation to the panic of 1873, the author of this article indicates that the new economy will be comprised of new jobs in government and healthcare. This is in sharp contrast to the years following the panic of 1873, in which the country became an export powerhouse. The US did not export government services, rather, the goods that were sold abroad consisted of manufactured items. This resulted in the creation of wealth.

Government jobs will continue to consume the wealth of the nation without a concomitant increase in capital. This is a prescription for more debt and continuing erosion of our standard of living. In the case of creating green jobs in order to build a new energy infrastructure, there are many who believe that the government's vision will be as myopic as the cure-all introduction of ethanol as a partial replacement for gasoline.

Cap and trade is not the way to curb emissions

Regarding the April 13 Opinion piece, "Cap and trade is still the right call": Author Mark Lange's commentary on cap and trade as a panacea to the issue of greenhouse-gas emissions is specious in its premise. Taxing emissions will not do anything other than achieve an increase in taxes, which will be passed on to the consumer.

When India and China demonstrate that the smog over their cities has lifted, then the rest of us might consider reducing our carbon emissions.

How should Somali piracy stories be covered?


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