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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about freedom of religious speech, why the US should end the Cuba embargo, Somali piracy, using the Web for news, and why the US can learn from Canadian schools.

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Don't censor religious criticisms

In regard to the March 30 Opinion piece, "The new threat to freedom of expression": Moves to limit global religious critique foster a soft racism while threatening free speech movements.

My father was a pastor and theology professor, and I constantly gain from the perspectives of friends who subscribe to varied faiths. Exposure of that kind makes clear the many gradations in orthopraxy, even within a single faith. No one Muslim I know goes about things the same way, and that is true of my Jewish and Christian friends.

Issues ranging from self-expression to sex-based exploitation get separate and unequal rules in the Middle East. That smacks of a soft racism, and opponents of religious critique laws should say so.

US must end Cuba embargo

In regard to the April 10 editorial, "On Cuba, Obama must first think of Latin America – and democracy": It is the United States, not Cuba, that has isolated itself by its outdated policy. All of Latin America and the European Union have relations with Cuba.

It is not Cuba's behavior, but rather a profoundly corrupt system of political patronage here in the United States that keeps our embargo in place. That is obvious to the rest of the world, which observes our relations with China, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia with their horrific human rights records and undemocratic governments.

The West is partly responsible for Somali piracy


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