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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about torture and North Korea.

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Obama should not condone torture

Regarding the April 16 article, "Terror memos authorized harsh interrogation techniques": President Obama's refusal to prosecute those responsible for torturing terrorist subjects has lost him much of any moral high ground he may have had.

Placating the CIA gives him an aura of weakness and acquiescence.

Congress needs to step up and hold public hearings with subpoenas and contempt of Congress verdicts. Now.

Regime change is not the right strategy for North Korea

Regarding the April 15 Opinion piece, "A bold Plan B for North Korea": This commentary by Ted Galen Carpenter calls Monday's United Nations Security Council statement "utterly anemic." And perhaps it is. But that shouldn't have surprised Mr. Carpenter, given the intense disagreements within the council on dealing with North Korea. This is precisely why his proposed "Plan B" won't work. He overestimates US leverage with China.


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