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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about diversity on the Supreme Court, sexting, and gambling.

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The only diversity on the Supreme Court should be intellectual

In regard to the April 17 Opinion piece, "Supreme Court's bench has never been less diverse": Intellectual diversity on the Supreme Court makes perfect sense. Choosing Supreme Court justices from a pool of clearly superior and intellectually diverse candidates, conservatives and liberals, is more likely to promote thoughtful debate which leads to a wise consensus and a deeper consideration of issues. But all other kinds of diversity are irrelevant.

The purpose of the Supreme Court is to make wise decisions which serve the long-term best interests of our nation in light of the Constitution. It is not the purpose of the Supreme Court to "represent" the people of the United States, or to look like us. Attributes like gender, race, age, geography, or ethnicity have no more to do with defining a competent judge or a competent court than a person's weight or eye color. And we wouldn't think of using such silly characteristics in choosing our next judge.

If we want a "competent" Olympic basketball team, we don't choose one that looks like us or "represents" us, and we don't call for "diversity." Intellectual diversity is the only kind that makes sense in choosing Supreme Court justices.

Jonette Christian
Holden, Maine

Don't scare teens with 'sexting' horror stories

Regarding the April 28 editorial, "'Sexting' overreach": Your editorial on sexting is sensible. But your point about pedophiles is less so. Although child sexual abuse is serious, it is neither rampant nor connected to photos. Study after study has shown no connection between increased availability of pornography and increased incidence of sex crimes.

Pedophiles and the unfortunate Jessica Logan, who committed suicide after a nude photo of hers circulated, are often brought up as a kind of bogeyman in the sexting debate. Nude photos don't cause suicide. Trying to scare teens with such stories doesn't help them, or anyone.


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