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Letters to the editor

Readers write in about women in the Olympics and in Iran, Christians in Iraq, children coping with failure, and right-wing rhetoric.

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Iraq and women police

Regarding John Hughes's column "Female cops in Iraq? Arab women are seizing freedom.": To lump Iraq in with Saudi Arabia and compare women's experiences in the two countries makes it seem as if Iraq is as restrictive as one of the most conservative Islamic states in the world. This is false. Women in Iraq under Saddam Hussein (yes, Saddam) enjoyed posts in government, academia, and health services. They often worked outside the home. The state of women's rights around the Middle East is vastly different, and journalists, American military leaders in Iraq, and the American public should recognize this.

We must begin to understand the complexities of the region in order to develop better and more appropriate policies for US-Middle East relationships and joint development goals.

Heather McGann

Charlotte, N.C.

Right-wing rhetoric

Regarding "The dangers of revolutionary right-wing rhetoric" , Walter Rodgers should research and write an article on "The dangers of revolutionary left-wing rhetoric." He might start with the threats on Sarah Palin's life and the vicious attacks on her and her family. I know he will find a treasure-trove of contemporary material to work with. Though Mr. Rodgers does express a valid concern for racial relations in our country, he shows a mind-set that is the underlying source of our residual racial problem today.


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