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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of April 12, 2010

Readers write in about teacher's jobs, where to put nuclear waste, and the US attitude to war.

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Teachers know best

Regarding the March 22 article "Teachers' jobs tied to student tests": The article points out some of the risks of using benchmarking tests and student achievement to assess teachers' performance.

However, school districts must find some way to slough off teachers who are not making the grade.

My wife and I, both educators of many years' experience, have seen teachers unions shield teachers who, because of negligence, sloth, or simple incompetence, should be fired.

Every teacher in a school knows who is not pulling his or her weight and not giving our children the education they deserve. The good teachers are just as frustrated with these colleagues as administrators and parents are.

Unions must find a reasonable way to help administrators effectively weed out underperformers instead of trying to protect everyone's jobs at the cost of a better education for all our children.

Akron, Ohio

Where to put nuclear waste

Regarding the March 22 article, "What to do with nuclear waste?":

The piece suggested several single methods that might be used to dispose of high-level nuclear waste since the Yucca Mountain facility has been taken off the table by the Obama administration.


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