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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of June 21, 2010

Readers write in about debt, self-regulation, and illegal immigrants.

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Be fair, reduce debt

Regarding the May 31 cover story "A world awash in red ink."

The article was remiss in excluding perhaps the most important reason why anyone should care about mounting debt: fairness. There is inequity between generations incurring the debt and those that will have responsibility for paying it.

America has taken steps over several decades to better ensure fairness between genders and among races and ethnic groups.

Meanwhile, however, Americans seem to have lost their awareness that the generations in power should not take advantage of generations yet to attain political power by deferring payment of public debt.

Since the 21st century, the government, the media, and the public seem to have forgotten that we jointly owe such fairness to posterity. It seems especially strange that we should forget this, considering the graying of our workforce.

It is not enough to reduce the deficit. The deficit must be eliminated altogether. This cannot be done without massive reduction of federal costs.

The efforts made in the 1990s to reduce the size of the government were modest because the debt was then "only" around $5 trillion. In less than a decade, the national debt grew to about $12.9 trillion, and we will zip past the $13 trillion mark in no time.

We now need drastic reduction of government and its attendant costs of operation.


Individuals must also align the law with self-regulation


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