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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of February 28, 2011

Readers write in about conservative art, and America's deficit – in character.

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Money, not art, persuades

In his Feb. 14 commentary "Conservative argument is no match for liberal art," Sam Guzman overstates art's persuasive power on today's populace.

Take the film "Avatar." He's right that it was a polemic wrapped in a great story, but it hasn't exactly ignited environmental fervor. Is the United States suddenly leading the fight on global warming due to the "Avatar" effect? No.

If real-life events like the Gulf oil spill can't motivate people to be green, how can art? Corporations already know how to manipulate people: Spend lots of money on lobbyists and funny ads. No need for artists.

On the character deficit

I take issue with Lawrence Reed's contention in his Feb. 7 commentary ("America's most serious deficit: personal character") that government programs are "bread and circuses."

Our nation has laws to ensure the protection of air and water resources. Profit-driven corporations, or cities facing deficits, are not going to forswear emissions unless required.


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