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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of June 27, 2011

Readers write on America's health-care reform fantasies and question the focus on elite vacations in a recent Monitor cover story.

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Health-care fantasies

In his June 6 commentary "Beware the next health reform: 'accountable' care," Paul Hsieh uses an extremely poor analogy when he compares eating out at a restaurant to choosing a health-care provider.

Until all health-care con-sumers hold a medical degree, and all health-care procedures can either be delayed indefinitely or performed effectively at home, the notion that the conventional application of market forces can control health-care costs is pure fantasy.

Of course, there will be inherent problems and deficiencies associated with any government-supervised health-care system; but working through those issues is far superior to the unaffordable, crazy quilt health-care mess that has been created by the myth that the simple application of free-market forces is some sort of universal salvation.

A narrow focus on elite trips

While I personally find fascinating the idea of taking my family on a year-long vacation to experience the world, I felt that the "Way beyond vacation" focus story of May 30 was an inappropriate subject for the cover of an internationally respected newspaper.


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