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Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of October 3, 2011

Readers write in with responses to the Monitor's recent cover-story profile of pro-life advocate Charmaine Yoest.

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Responses to pro-life profile

Regarding the cover story "Pro-life's kinder, gentler face" (Aug. 15 & 22): To publish a short profile of Charmaine Yoest, even one characterizing her somewhat tendentiously as the "kinder, gentler face" of the antiabortion movement, would have done your readers a genuine service. But to blow it up to a six-page spread, with a singularly uncritical text and no fewer than three glossy photographs of Ms. Yoest, does a disservice to the journalistic standards for which the Monitor has long stood. In my nearly four decades as a subscriber, I don't recall another piece on a controversial topic that has struck me as so lacking in balance and objectivity.


It is refreshing to have a pro-life representative present her arguments calmly and without demonizing pro-choice advocates. However, Yoest glosses over the community resources that are lacking to support women who become pregnant through addiction, poverty, depression, etc. The pro-life community continues to focus on quantity of life over quality. Few believe abortion is a desirable outcome, but it is extremely undesirable to not have a choice in determining the quality of your life and your family's life. If pro-lifers truly wanted to stop abortion, they'd support contraception.


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