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Candidates: Don't forget the poor rich!

They cater to the have-nots, but the well-to-do have problems, too.

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Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are doing an excellent job of addressing the needs of those unfortunate people we call the have-nots – the unemployed, the uninsured, the working class – that "bitter segment of our population clinging to guns and religion." I respect the candidates for their worthy efforts. But, these two Democrats overlook another entire group of people: the haves.

I have the honor of living among these fortunate people. In fact, I might even be considered one of them. Sure, we have good jobs, nice homes, and big cars. But don't let that fool you. We have our problems, too.

Has Senator Obama ever even heard of buckthorn? I doubt it. He's too busy concentrating on Michigan's unemployed to worry about an invasive plant that wreaks havoc on the manicured lots of suburban haves.

Maybe he should forget bowling, roll up his sleeves, and spend a weekend clearing buckthorn. Then he'll see the real problems that plague this country.

Take the rising cost of health clubs. Senators Clinton and Obama talk a lot about health coverage. And, yes, haves are successful enough to purchase health insurance. But to stay fit, we spend time peddling on stationary bikes while listening to very loud music. It's called spinning and it's expensive.


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