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Obama's VP pick: a triumph of no-change politics

Joe Biden is the ultimate Washington Insider.

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By choosing Joe Biden, Barack Obama has – according to the conventional wisdom – added vital experience and foreign-policy wisdom to his campaign. What he's really done is add an exclamation point to the triumph of cynical, win-at-all-cost politics.

Remember: This was supposed to be a very different kind of contest. John McCain – the maverick. Barack Obama – the once-in-a-generation leader. A campaign that would rival Lincoln-Douglas for substance.

But the past few months have shown how hard it is to break old political habits. Senator McCain has gone negative, big-time. It's working. Senator Obama has become more mainstream. Now he's picked Senator Biden, the ultimate Washington insider, and someone who can fight back hard. It all adds up to what could be the dirtiest, ugliest campaign of the past 80 years.

2008 is a campaign that's become more politics as usual than change we can believe in.

I did not expect Obama to choose Biden as his vice president, even when the 35-year Senate veteran became the favorite pick of conventional wisdom week ago. For those of us in the netroots, Biden often represents the Beltway status quo that we have confronted in previous battles.

He has been referred to as Biden (MBNA) – instead of (D)– for the way he's carried water for credit-card companies, even when it puts corporate profits ahead of the welfare of the very poor among us. On matters such as voting for the invasion of Iraq and its continued funding, Biden has been in direct opposition to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and Obama, too.


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