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The next generation of willing and ready volunteers: baby boomers

Enlisting even a fraction of them to volunteer would be a boon for the US.

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John McCain and Barack Obama are highlighting different approaches to solving our nation's most pressing problems.

But one approach both candidates agree on is harnessing the power of America's people through community and national service. This is smart. Republicans and Democrats are both hungry for opportunities to serve and baby boomers are uniquely positioned to tackle tough challenges.

Although many think of community and national service as primarily a one- or two-year experience for young adults, that perception is becoming outdated. Our country holds a valuable resource in the form of the most highly skilled, well-educated, healthiest, and longest-living generation in our nation's history. And we need to take advantage of it.

The boomers are coming, all 77 million of them. Add them to the living members of the "silent" and "greatest generations," and this group of older Americans constitutes nearly 40 percent of the US population.

A new report, "More to Give," commissioned on the 50th anniversary of AARP, now with 40 million members, shows that Americans between the ages of 44 and 79 are healthy, free of care-giving commitments, and ready to increase their volunteer service after they retire.

More than 40 percent of the adults we surveyed expect to increase the amount of time they spend volunteering in the near future, and nearly the same number of retirees reported that they actually did so after they retired.

Providing ways for older Americans to serve their country is not only critical for the country but also for those who volunteer. A majority (55 percent) feel that their generation is leaving the world in worse condition than they inherited it, while only 20 percent say they feel their generation is leaving the world better off. It's a pessimism shared equally by older Americans from both political parties.


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