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Letters to the editor

Readers write in about the new war crimes ambassador, the rich heritage of Muslims, and the old bible tradition of gleaning.

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Tough job for point man

Regarding Robert Marquand's Oct. 25 article, "US point man on global justice": Unhappily, the United States is busy on other fronts seeking to prevent the enforcement of international law. The new war crimes ambassador Stephen Rapp has his work cut out for him.

Within the US, we are wrestling with the problem of investigating and punishing high Bush administration officials for crimes such as torture, a strong case being made even by Democrats for nonprosecution of "good guys." Ambassador Susan Rice's efforts to prevent prosecution of America's ally Israel for war crimes is cut from the same cloth.

Shall the US provide immunity to favored persons accused of deliberate and blatant war crimes and thus invite its own and Israel's warriors and secret services to act with impunity? Or shall the US submit itself (and Israel) to the rule of law and to the jurisdiction of qualified courts?

Peter Belmont

New York

Muslims have rich heritage

In regard to Walter Rodgers's Nov. 1 column, "There's a reason France is one of the best places to live": As a naturalized US citizen of Christian Arab background, I take issue with the statement that "The French victory in Tours blocked the spread of a militant Arab-Islamic culture, allowing Europe to develop its own rich civilization."


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