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Serious about reducing abortion? Make women see an ultrasound of the procedure.

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Indeed, a lower abortion rate resulting from the free and voluntary choices of well-informed women should be welcome news to everybody. 

After all, even the most ardent pro-choice advocates, including President Obama, insist that nobody is for abortion and that everyone wants to reduce the number of abortions. Naomi Wolf, a feminist author and supporter of abortion rights, described abortion in a 1995 essay as a “necessary evil.” As a guest on Fox News’s “Hannity” last fall, Steve Murphy, a Democratic strategist, said he and other pro-choice advocates are morally opposed to abortion, but they feel it is important to ensure it remains a woman’s choice. In fact, every pro-choice advocate I have ever come across has stressed that they are pro-choice, not pro-abortion. 

If pro-choice advocates are sincere with their words, wouldn’t they be happy to see fewer women choosing to have abortions as a result of technology’s ability to help ensure a fully-informed conscience? Since pro-choice advocates want to reduce the number of abortions as long as a woman’s right to choose remains intact, they should support a law that required women to watch a video of an abortion. In fact, proponents of choice would have the best of both worlds: more information for women on which to make a personal choice and fewer abortions. 

On the other hand, this proposal would not completely meet the objectives of the pro-life side, because abortion would still be legal. But pro-life advocates would be pleased that women are in a better position to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives and their babies’ lives. They would also be happy about the dramatic drop in the number of abortions that would probably occur as a result of women having more information about abortion and its long-term consequences. 

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